Welcome to the live beta!

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Welcome to the live beta!
« on: January 26, 2018, 08:51:21 PM »

Hello everyone,

Thank you for being so patient while we get the new site designed, coded, and working as expected for everyone. I would estimate that we're at around 80% done with the site, with mostly everything left being purely cosmetic, with some minor code changes here and there.

I expect great things from this new site, and I hope it brings a ton of functionality we've all been missing in this community, and ties us all closer.

For over two years, our community has been entirely Discord based, and even though Discord is a fantastic platform, and has helped us grow into something I never saw coming, I believe giving you guys this new site, new forum, functionality, is just the piece we need to truly make this a great environment for everyone.

Since the site is brand new, and we're still in testing stages, those of you who were selected to help us test functionality, please feel free to use the Suggestions/Feedback forums to post any bugs, suggestions, feedback, etc. I want to hear your guys' thoughts, what can we add, change, update, fix? This is for you guys, I want to make this YOUR home.

Thank you for everything. :)
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