We want to start off with saying thank you! Without the continued support of each and every one of you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We want to continue bringing great content to everyone. However, to do that, we need additional help. Revolutionary Community Gaming is brought to you by our management team, and everything we do is out of pocket. This obviously get’s expensive after a while. We don’t mind! We love doing this, and will continue doing this.


By donating to help keep our community alive, you will be granted the following additional perks to our community.


  • Exclusive access to the #donor-chat channel in Discord.

In this room, we bring new developments of RevCom to the donors to help us fine tune our features. You will become the front lines of our community when releasing new content.

  • Beta test / Review All RevCom insider information.

Like mentioned in the last point, we bring all of our insider information to our donors to help us make sure we’re doing things right.

  • Priority access to all RevCom servers and/or hosted events.

Hate trying to rush and be the first one in an event just so you can secure yourself a spot? Now you don’t have too, by being a donor, we make sure you’re guaranteed a spot.

  • Exclusive discounts on RevCom merchandise.

We know t-shirts can get expensive, so our donors get a special discount, just for them.

  • You’re helping fund our giveaways.

Like free stuff? Of course you do. We all do. Donations help pay for giveaways, and donors are of course welcome to enter said giveaways. YOU GET A FREE GAME, HE GETS A FREE GAME, WE ALL GET FREE GAMES.

Donation Disclaimer and Agreements

  • Donations are simply that, a donation. You are not paying for a service, product, or good. You’re supporting the community.
  • All donations go to a locked Paypal account. Any fund’s in this account will only be used towards Revolutionary Community Gaming.
  • By donating, you agree that the money and card you are donating from is that of your own, or have viable permission from your parent or guardian to donate said money.
  • Donating is never required to be a part of our community, but always appreciated. By donating, you are doing so by your own free will; And we love you for it.


Want to help keep the community alive? We appreciate every bit of support.

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